Sunday, September 19, 2010


So my sister randomly decided to come home from school this weekend!!

We ended up going to the DMA because my mom had a project to do for her online art appreciation course and found this new room they have!

It may be for kids, but it's the coolest thing I have ever seen! There are layered pieces of cardboard covering the walls so it feels like being in a cave, complete with classical music and a "fire" playing on a flat screen television. Sarah wants to be a teacher, and I convinced her this is exactly what her classroom should look like; I thought it was magical as an adult, I can only imagine how neat it would be to a kid! There's such a cool ambience in there; I literally wanted to hang out in there all day.

The "fire" I was talking about.

There was a table set up with mirrors so you could draw portraits of yourself.

They had some of the drawings displayed in this big book. I think it's so interesting how most people's drawings start off looking the same way...

Another seriously cool way of displaying the art.

I think this is such a great idea, especially if you have kids. Either switching it out or making a collage like this. Slightly more chic than a refrigerator and a magnet...

One of the only outfit shots I took the whole day, and of course it came out blurry. The fact that you can't use flash in the museum didn't help either, I'm sure. I really need to look into getting a better camera...

I wore a Madewell silk button down with Madewell shorts, Dolce Vita Wedges, and Linea Pelle studded bracelets. 

Every time I see this bed I just want to run and jump on it. I love modern design for my home, but I'd love to have a bed like this someday. So romantic.

This was also really cool, I love how it looks against the white background.

My mom writing down information about her painting for class. She ended up choosing to analyze the Pollock on the left. 

Nearby works by Jasper Johns and Mark Rothko.

A picture my sister snapped of me explaining art to mom. Haha.

After the DMA, we went to an art show/anniversary party at Dolly Python. I found a GREAT velvet mini dress that I'll be blogging about later. And I very nearly bought a furry leopard mini dress...which I may or may not regret later. I felt slightly like I was wearing a leopard teddy bear, but I still maintain it was kind of awesome.

The above two pictures are works by an artist named Pinky Diablo. There was several other works like this there, all done on the inside of book covers. I thought they were fantastic, especially the skull spoons. I love the randomness as well, such as "hot dog with small amount of relish painted in 29 seconds." I also love the one with the ribcage entitled "pray or something."

My mom ended up getting this bird, which was later named Peter. Isn't he adorable? He rode around on our dash for the rest of the evening. She was going to give him as a present, but decided he was just too cute to give away.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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