Thursday, September 23, 2010


So earlier this month we got the Alexa Chung stuff in at work. I'll admit, it took me a little bit of time to warm up to it, but after seeing it in person and trying most of it on, I think she has some really great pieces.

We had the most adorable party to kick it off--complete with tea and cookies--but employees actually weren't allowed to buy it at all until quite recently. Frustrating, to say the least, as the hype made the sell-out risk greater than usual.

When we did get the go ahead, I purchased this sketchbook tee. (worn with an Idra leather jacket, American Apparel skirt, Sam Edelman flats, Linea Pelle bracelet, and vintage Coach bag) 

I also managed to get one of our last pairs of velvet shorts, which I'm sure to be doing a post on later...I've gotten very into velvet lately. Wishful thinking for fall, I suppose. I also really wish we had gotten in the Silk Margot Skirt. I was dying to see that one in person. I'm not really sure it's my style, but I have a feeling I could have made an exception...

Rarely do I enjoy a graphic tee, but I really like this one's simplicity and whimsy. I love how it looks with a leather jacket; kind of rocker, but without looking too juvenile. 

While in downtown Mckinney, I also tried this new burger place recommended by my mom. The fact that they had whole wheat buns (the turkey and salmon burgers are to die for) had me hooked, and the decor was absolutely awesome. Especially the ceiling...

It'd actually seen this place before, but never known what it was called because the sign simply has a picture of a burger incased in a square in lieu of a name. Come to find out, the name of it is "Square Burger." How clever...