Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I am LOVING this colder weather. I hate being cold, but I like it to feel like the holidays; it's hard to get into the spirit when it's still acceptable to go without a jacket or a sweater...

Recently, I went to Austin to celebrate my my mom and sister's birthday. I still can't believe my baby sister is 20!

Plus, I finally got a chance to wear my new trench coat! I've always wanted one, and I love the zipper detail on this one, it keeps it kind of edgy while still being classic. It kinda makes me want to solve mysteries. Edgy mysteries.

I'm also in love with this chair. Anyone who's been to my apartment knows my penchant for all things cowhide (sorry, PETA..) and this chair is amazing. I found it at the Oasis, where we went for a fun birthday lunch. I still can't believe how gorgeous Lake Travis is...going there there automatically made it feel like a vacation. Water = vacation. Apparently. 

As the post title states, I'm also super excited about these boots I picked up on our way to Austin. I've been looking for a good casual bootie to wear with skinny pants and over-sized tops, and these by Report are so perfect. Plus they have some serious treads on the bottom, perfect if you are somewhat prone to slipping or falling when in heels...(like me.)

Worn with black legging jeans, sequin top, and mohair cardigan, all from Madewell. The trench is Madewell, as well.

Taking advantage of the gorgeous view.

I look forward to lots of holiday posts soon!! I hope everyone is having a great week!

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  1. completely beautiful and witty - very hard to come by. Love your stuff!